Southwest Louisiana Open | 75-76 (MC)

Nerves and Frustration would be too words to describe this tournament. Nonetheless it is a learning experience which is valuable in this game. Time to get back to the golf course and keep grinding, working on getting better day by day. I’ll describe the rounds below.


Round 1

The nerves started creeping in once I started headed toward the first tee. I felt fine on the range, and I seemed to be rolling the ball fine on the green, but as soon as I stepped on the tee it’s like all that went out the window. I pulled my opening tee shot out of bounds. Ouch. The last thing I intended to do, and to add insult to injury I was only three feet out of bounds but didn’t realize it until I got to the ball. I had to walk back to re-tee, the dreaded walk of shame. A double to start the round. That’ll ruin a round, but I knew there were plenty of holes to play to get it back, and I almost did until I had another hiccup on the 14th hole (I started on 10). I hit a decent drive down the right side of the fairway where it kicked straight right into the fairway bunker. No big deal, right? Well not unless you land in a previous raked area where the caddy did a horrendous job of raking. It might as well be buried in the sand. I hacked it out, and proceeded to make double on the hole. There goes all the momentum. Now it was just a matter of hanging on and saving the round from little mistakes. A couple holes in a row I hit great shots that ended up over the green or on the torn up sandy fringe. Nothing was going my way. I battle on the back nine to somewhat salvage a round, but it was still a 75. Not the greatest way to start off a tournament. With that being said, I knew I could play well here. I just had to stay patient and stick with my routine.

Round 2

I was supposed to tee off at 8:50, but with the fog growing denser and denser, I didn’t tee off until 10:30. We got to the course at around 7 o’clock, warmed up for a little bit until they told us there would be at least a little delay. We relaxed by the range where they told us again it would be at least an hour now. We walked back to the car to take a little power nap and wait for all the fog to clear up. Finally our round started on the number one hole. The struggles continued and so did the nerves. Unlike last round, I just didn’t hit the ball well. I started to guide the ball towards the target as opposed to committing and swinging to the target. With all the bad swings, my short game helped out a ton. I could get the ball up and down from a lot of places, and I could even manage to almost hole a few long putts. But with all the bad swings off the tee and fairway, it’s hard to keep a round going. Walking up the 18th hole, I knew I wouldn’t be here for the last two rounds but I knew there were a lot of positives to take from it and a lot of things to work on to get better.


Thank you to the people for supporting me on this trip. I want to personally thank Mr. Bruce Treadway for opening up his home for my dad and myself to stay for the week. He showed us the true meaning of Southern Hospitality. We had a good time being with him, and telling all kinds of sports, political, and random stories throughout the week. I hope to see him again soon, and possibly stay with him next year.

Back to work on the range, chipping, and putting green again. It’s just the start of an awesome adventure. I’ll turn it around, and it’ll be even more fun.

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