First Bank and Trust East Texas Open – 79 – 77 (MC)

Unfortunately it wasn’t a good week. A lot of positives went into the week but not a lot came out.


Round 1

The first round was early in the morning, and it was a prime time to shoot some low scores as there was hardly a breath of wind. I started off pretty smoothly with a par on the difficult tenth hole, but made a bogies on the next two holes. No big deal, as I felt like I hit some pretty good shots that just didn’t turn out the way I expected. I cruised along with a few pars after that and made a good birdie on 16, but proceeded to bogey the last two on that nine. It seemed after those two bogeys, everything unfolded into a bad round. I made a horrific triple on the second hole, which was my 11th hole, that really killed the round from being a manageable round. That triple was a result from an OB ball on the second shot. It was a tough day. I know I could have played better but unfortunately I didn’t get out of my own way. It happens, but it’s a matter of learning and moving on.

Round 2

The second round turned into a two deal thing. What was originally a 1:10 tee time, actually began at 6:10. When I got to the course, it was nice and sunny out and as I was warming up a few clouds started to build. These clouds later produced some lightning in the area causing a delay, and then stayed around for the next five hours. What a boring day, having to wait for the rain and lightning to go away. We were fortunate enough to tee off that day, and even more fortunate to get 9 holes in before it was dark. But that also meant that we would have to come back in the morning to finish the last nine of the round at 7:30. The front nine of the second round went good. I played it one over par with only one bogey on the 8th hole. I was playing my consistent self again, and I knew the birdies would soon drop if I kept giving myself chances. The only hard thing about the second nine was continuing in the same rhythm and mindset from the previous day. I started to press on the back nine which showed on my score. Instead of making birdies, I was making bogeys. It’s tough to make a cut when you aren’t making birdies.


Chalk this one up in the learning column. Every tournament is always a learning experience. Some just more than others. I plan on bouncing back and playing to my ability next tournament! Thanks for checking in on this post and be sure to look for more!

One thought on “First Bank and Trust East Texas Open – 79 – 77 (MC)

  1. You summed it up when you said “every tournament is a learning experience”. Just as you when you were part of a NCAA National Championship Team, you know how to win and you know how to play. Craft that mantra inside of you that reminds you that each shot is yours to control, your tempo is yours to control, and when you make contact with the ball it is responding to your instructions.


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