Colbert Charity Classic – 77 – 75 (MC)

I want to first apologize for the delay of this post. A lot has been going on recently, some good and some bad. I’ve been super busy with caddying at the Golf Club of Houston, and also dealing with some car issues from the trip back to Kansas. Unfortunately, I was stuck in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma for about an hour or so because my car wouldn’t shift into gear. Thankfully the tow truck came by and actually helped me with a temporary fix that would get me home and to a nearby mechanic instead of staying for a few days in Oklahoma. I’m very thankful for him and his help, especially when he didn’t have to! Anyways, here is the recap of the Colbert Charity Classic in Manhattan, Kansas,


Round 1

After the first day being canceled due to weather, the first round began on Thursday instead of Wednesday. It was nice to relax a full day, but also was a bit of a pain because I became antsy and ready to go out and play. I’m currently working on another blog post on what golfers do when their is a rain delay. Anyways, we were finally able to play some golf on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. My first hole of the tournament was very interesting and not as planned. I tee off with a hybrid on the first tee shot of the day, and after what I thought would be a perfect tee shot just right side of the fairway, turned into a unlucky bounce off the cart path and out of bounds. A horrible feeling after a great shot off the tee. No big deal, as I went back to the tee and hit one right down the middle. I knew I could manage to make a bogey or even a par. I proceeded to lay up with a 7 iron that ended up in a fairway bunker from a kick off a slope in the middle of the fairway. Two good shots that had unlucky bounces into even worse places. In the end, I made a triple on the very first hole. “Plenty of holes left” is what i thought to myself as i walked to the next tee, and I started to come back a little bit. I played well for the next fifteen holes, going even par in that stretch. Not bad after a horrendous start. But after a bogey on 17 and then another dumb bogey on 18, where I thought my ball found the water off the tee but was actually a hundred yards out in the middle of the fairway (yes, i hit a 3 Wood about 320 yards off the tee), I finished up with a 77. Not the best result, especially with how I was hitting it.

Round 2

The second round started off with a more normal pace. I parred the first two holes and then made an tough bogey on the third. Then the next hole came a double. This double was frustrating in a way because I hit all good shots into the green. A great tee shot in the middle of the fairway, and a great pitching wedge that ended up bouncing over the green and leaving myself a really tough pitch shot with no green to work with and it sloping away. To walk away with a double there really hurt. I knew I still had plenty of holes left to make up those few bogeys, but unfortunately nothing was quite going in. I played the rest of the round at even par, and I believe I parred just about every hole on the back. I was a parring machine out on the course, but unfortunately those few holes that I didn’t cost me a lot. It’s really close though, I like where my game is now.


Next up is the Texarkana Open, in Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas. I’m really looking forward to heading up there. I’ll be leaving on the 14th of August and will be there until the 19th. A preview of the tournament will be posted during that week so look for that! Thank you again everyone for your support. On to the next!

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