March 2018 – Review

I’m going to do something new this year and just write a monthly review at the end of each month about the tournaments and the golf game. It’ll be easier for me especially when I’m at tournaments where there isn’t any wifi or it’s very slow, I don’t have to stress over writing this out. Anyways, here’s this months review of March 2018!

Coke Dr. Pepper Open – Alexandria, LA – March 14-17, 2018

73-80 (Missed Cut)

It was a tough second round for me. I knew I had to get something going on the second round and I started pressing right from the start and it wasn’t the greatest idea I had. I never really made any moves and certainly didn’t help myself shoot a better score. The course conditions were pretty tough as they had just as harsh a winter as we did here in Houston. The greens were pretty poor and the fairways weren’t necessarily lush either. But nonetheless everyone has to play the same course. Missed the cut for the week, so I was able to come back home early and get prepared for Victoria Tournament next week.


Victoria Open – Victoria, TX – March 22 – 24, 2018

83-82 (Missed Cut)

This tournament was my worst two rounds in my professional golfing career. Mentally I wasn’t in the right place. I let the emotions of the course and wind get to me. It was very windy that week which is nothing out of the ordinary for Victoria, but what made things worse were how bad of a shape the course was in. Very dry and very bumpy. I was a little disappointed but like stated earlier, everyone has to play it. I never got out of my own way and ended up shooting some big numbers. I wasn’t playing to the best of my ability only because I let my own thoughts and mind get in my way. I need to do better about that and continue to work on it. Bennie Hughes helped caddie for me this week and I’m forever thankful that he was on the bag because without him, I would have been a lot worse and probably would have lost my temper.


On a good note, the past week has been super busy with the Houston Open being played. I had the privilege to caddie in the Monday and Wednesday Pro Am. I had a great time with everyone that I caddied for, and the pros were even more fun to be around.  Monday’s Pro Am consisted of Michael Thompson as our pro, and Wednesday’s Pro Am had Charles Howell III for the first nine holes and then Scott Piercy for the last nine. It was an absolute blast to get up close and personal to these guys and see how they play the game and get prepared for the tasks ahead. They are experts at their craft so I took any tips I could get to become better at the game. I watched the Thursday and Friday tournament rounds, and I must say the crowds were definitely growing by the minute. It was fun to see that many people out watching the tournament right in my own backyard.

Thank you everyone for the continuing support. I will continue to get better and better at this humbling game. It’s a dream to be able to chase the tour and I’m always thankful for it. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. I’ll be sure to post frequently so everyone can see what’s going on!

One thought on “March 2018 – Review

  1. Love the fact you are writing a monthly synopsis of what’s going on with your golfing. Hang in there nephew!
    It is indeed an humbling game. But. So. Much. Fun!


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